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Title- Dreaming of you?
Team- Parselmouth
Characters- Draco/Ginny/Pansy
Challenge- Nightmares

Draco ran his hand over her shoulder, his fingers touching the long red locks. "You look beautiful, Ginny," he whispered as he drew her closer to him. Ginny gently bit his earlobe and said, "Draco? I'm pregnant."

Draco felt his stomach drop, what had he been thinking? Weasley's multiplied like rabbits! He loved Pansy, didn't he? Draco felt himself fly through the air, and woke up on the cold floor. He looked up at his bed and saw Pansy laying on her side, drumming her nails on the bed. "Ginny, huh?" Draco wondered how he would get himself out of this one.